We Have All the Time in the World Date: 2024  Exhibition,

Quantum Vibrations Date: 2024  Concert, Performance, Public Projects,

One Foot in the Groove: Listening to Yoshitomo Nara Date: 2023  Writing,

Over and Over The Waves Date: 2021  Concert, Exhibition, Performance, Recordings,

10 Songs for 12 Sunsets Date: 2020  Public Project, Writing,

Jewish Listening: A Reckoning Date: 2020  Public Project, Recordings,

The Autograph Book of L.A. Date: 2019  Exhibition, Writing,

Correspondence with Carlos Amorales. Venice Biennale. 2017 Date: 2018  Writing,

Double Vision: The Photography of George Rodriguez Date: 2018  Writing,

Berlin Prize – The American Academy in Berlin Date: 2018  Writing,

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA Date: 2017  Concert, Public Project, Writing,

Hit Parade: Live in San Francisco Date: 2017  Performance, Public Project, Recordings,

“Culture Through The Razor Wire” Date: 2017  Writing,

New Yorker : Photo Booth Date: 2017  Writing,

Trouble Every Day Date: 2017  Exhibition,

Martín Ramírez ICA-LA Date: 2017  Exhibition,

The Migrant Songbook: NDLON/Los Jornaleros del Norte Residency Date: 2017  Public Project,

The Ballad of Tijuana: Music and the California-Mexico Border Date: 2017  Writing,

Border Soundscapes – AMBOS: Art Made Between Opposite Sides Date: 2016  Performance, Public Project,

CALA Crossfade Lab Date: 2016  Concert, Performance, Public Project,

Border Cantos Date: 2016  Writing,

“Allá in the Mix” Date: 2016  Writing,

Pershing Square Renew Date: 2016  Public Project,

“This Season’s Breakout Star: The Border” Date: 2015  Writing,

“Los Angeles Is Singing” Date: 2015  Writing,

To Live and Dine in LA: Menus and the Making of the Modern City Date: 2015  Concert, Exhibition, Public Project, Writing,

Johnson’s Barn Date: 2015  Writing,

“Woody at the Border” Date: 2015  Writing,

It’s a Scream How Levine Does the Rhumba Date: 2014  Concert, Recordings,

Twas the Night Before Hanukkah Date: 2014  Exhibition, Recordings,

“The Musical Language of The Dead” Date: 2014  Writing,

Songs in the Key of Los Angeles Date: 2013  Concert, Exhibition, Public Project, Writing,

Black and Brown in Los Angeles: Beyond Conflict and Coalition Date: 2013  Writing,

Remixing Lummis Date: 2013  Public Project,

“White Christmases and Hanukkah Mambos.” Date: 2013  Exhibition, Writing,

Sonic Overdrive: Songs and Stories Through the Streets of Los Angeles Date: 2013  Concert,

“So Many Bones in the Desert” Date: 2012  Writing,

“Death Rattle” Date: 2012  Writing,

Tijuana Dreaming: Life and Art at the Global Border Date: 2012  Writing,

“Latin-Esque: The (Mexican)Musical Modernism of Los Angeles 1930-1985” Date: 2012  Exhibition, Writing,

Sound Clash: Listening to American Studies Date: 2012  Writing,

Music as Social Action Date: 2011  Performance,

“KWXY, AM 1340, Cathedral City” Date: 2011  Writing,

The Donkey Show Date: 2011  Exhibition,

The Phillips Music Company Date: 2011  Concert, Exhibition, Public Project,

Trouble in Paradise: Music and Los Angeles 1945-1980 Date: 2011  Exhibition,

“El Disco es Cultura” Date: 2010  Writing,

The Corrido of L.A. Date: 2010  Public Project,

“Playing the Fence, Listening to the Line: Sound, Sound Art, and Acoustic Politics at the US-Mexico Border” Date: 2010  Writing,

Black Sabbath Date: 2010  Exhibition, Recordings,

At the Edge of Urban Identity Date: 2010  Performance,

Jews on Vinyl Date: 2009  Concert, Exhibition,

Last Exit, USA Date: 2009  Exhibition,

And You Shall Know Us By The Trail of Our Vinyl Date: 2008  Writing,

Audiotopia: Music, Race, and America Date: 2005  Writing,

“The Ballad of Music Man Murray” Date: 2001  Writing,

Refiguring American Music Book Series Date:   Writing,

Critical Conversations Date:   Public Project,

The Art of the Crossfade Date:   Public Projects, Writing,