Berlin Prize – The American Academy in Berlin

  • Year: 2018
  • Location:
  • Collaborators: American Academy in Berlin

During Spring 2018 I am residence at the American Academy in Berlin as a Bosch Fellow.

“During his time in Berlin, Kun will continue to explore how the production of sound and music are related to contemporary global migrations, expulsions, and detainments. From the US–Mexico borderlands to contemporary Europe, Kun’s project explores what he calls “the migrant sound”— the impact of displacement, relocation, deportation, and immigration on the aesthetics, communication networks, and formal and informal industries and markets of contemporary global music practices. What, Kun asks, has been the impact of an estimated one billion migrants on the way music is made? What has been the role of music and sound in shaping international ideas about the politics of migration? How is immigration to Berlin shaping the city’s cultures of music?”

Josh Kun