Last Exit, USA

  • Year: 2009
  • Location: Steve Turner Contemporary

Audio-visual gallery installation. The Sound of Tijuana in the 1960s.

Josh Kun’s smart exhibition focuses on two types of popular music made in Mexico and the United States in the 1960s. With great clarity, “Last Exit USA” demonstrates that culture is not a conventional commodity: Neither imported nor exported like ordinary goods and services, it instead grows out of back-and-forth exchanges that are far more fascinating than those accounted for in terms of trade deficits and surpluses. Best of all, Kun’s exhibition is a lot more fun than that sounds. There’s plenty to look at, plenty to listen to and plenty to think about, all presented in an easy, see-for-yourself way that leaves visitors free to go at their own pace and make up their own minds. Listening to Kun’s selections is like visiting a world both familiar and strange, a sort of parallel universe that is disorienting, eye-opening, exciting. Spanish and English intermix, as does slang and proper diction. – Los Angeles Times