Jews on Vinyl

  • Year: 2009
  • Location: Contemporary Jewish Museum, Skirball Cultural Center, Yeshiva University Museum
  • Collaborators: Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation

Traveling LP and audio exhibition documenting Jewish American life through recorded music. Co-curated with the Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation.

In the dusty clutter of yard and estate sales, the lost heroes of Jewish American song and comedy are waiting to be reclaimed and celebrated in all their kitschy splendor. And they can’t help but wonder: What’s taking you so long? – Los Angeles Times

Set in a retro 1950s-style living room equipped with listening stations, the exhibition features a soundtrack of LP highlights — much of it no longer available in any format — providing an unprecedented opportunity to experience lost moments in American Jewish pop history and new perspectives on Jewish identity. – KPCC

Can you remember the feeling of purchasing a brand new record? Bringing it home, removing it from its colorful cardboard sleeve, gently moving the turntable arm into the first groove. You’d spend the afternoon lying on your belly studying the album cover art, the lyrics and the black-and-white back photos as you played the record over and over. – Forward

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