It’s a Scream How Levine Does the Rhumba

  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation
  • Collaborators: Lincoln Center, Arturo O'Farrill, Steve Berlin

2 CD anthology documenting the history of Latino-Jewish musical exchange in the United States.

The sweaty mambo dance-floors of the legendary Palladium nightclub. The weekend Borscht Belt ballrooms of the Catskills hotels. The bar mitzvah bandstands of Brooklyn. The Fania All-Stars stages of the Cheetah and Yankee Stadium. The pianos of the Brill Building. The bullrings of Tijuana. Welcome to one of the great unsung currents of American pop music: the forgotten musical mash-up of Latin and Jewish, bagels and bongos, Spanish and Yiddish, manteca and schmaltz, that’s been a bubbling undercurrent of American pop music since the early 1900s.

As featured on National Public Radio:

A Jew and a Latino Walk Into a Recording StudioBagels and Bongos: The Jewish-Latin Music Connection


Reviews in The California Report, SF Examiner, American Songwriter